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Serverboards 18.10 Delphinus

Nov 19, 2018
By David Moreno

Serverboards 18.10 is the initial release for our new big plans: Integration platform at heart and Marketplace. Since the beginning Serverboards was an integration platform, but focused on specific niches as IT Management and KPI Dashboarding. Now it is foremost a very extensible integration platform.

Serverboards 18.04 Centauri Highlights

May 17, 2018
By David Moreno

Finally we have Serverboards 18.04 ready! Serverboards is our IT Infrastructure monitoring and management tool. The new version has many bugfixes and a huge new feature: Universal Service Queries. And some smaller ones.

Universal Service Queries for Serverboards

May 2, 2018
By David Moreno

Serverboards 18.04 will introduce our take into Business Intelligence by using Universal Service Queries. USQ allows us to write SQL queries that access remote servers and services seamlessly, mixing them in the queries and allowing to tap into the intelligence hidden in their connections.

Prometheus Query Language Explained

Apr 16, 2018
By David Moreno

Prometheus is a very powerful tool that requires mastering it’s specialized query language for exploring its time series. This language is not very difficult to master, but has indeed many layers of complexity. In this post we will explain how to create the definitive PromQL queries that will show you all the insights in your data.

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Serverboards 18.01 Betelgeuse. Wizard and GUI revamp, new rules and more!

Jan 11, 2018
By David Moreno

We are especially proud to announce Serverboards 18.01 Betelgeuse, our monitoring, management and automation platform. Many new features have been introduced to our new interface, to give a new experience based on our user tests conducted early last summer. You spoke clearly, and we listened carefully and improved functionalities, usability and user experience.

Last Summer in Serverboards

Sep 26, 2017
By David Moreno

Last summer was packed with new developments. We were so immersed in creating new features that could not write month to month status reports.

Last month in Serverboards

Jul 7, 2017
By David Moreno

Last month at Serverboards we were working a lot on the company development and businesses. A lot of internal work that will help us grow. To start with we have two job openings at /jobs/. We have now multiple dashboards and real time updates. And finally we continued work on the new Rules V2, and there is some code already working.

Last month in Serverboards

Jun 9, 2017
By David Moreno

After releasing the first public version of Serverboards, we are back into development mode and we already have new features, a lot of polishing, the initial implementation of the new header design, and long term plans.

Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone Final

Apr 24, 2017
By David Moreno

Announcing Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone.

Serverboards 17.04 RC1

Apr 4, 2017
By David Moreno

We are proud to announce the release of the first Release Candidate for Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone.

Last month in Serverboards - February 2017

Mar 8, 2017
By David Moreno

Last month was a busy month on the Serverboards Internals and bugfixing. There were interesting new developments as the new Facebook Ads plugin, init services and started with the Internationalization support.

Last month in Serverboards - Jan 2017

Feb 7, 2017
By David Moreno

Recap of all latest development in Serverboards for January 2017. Main changes are Bug Fixes, Issues polishing and Quick Actions.

Plugin tutorial: Dashboard widget

Jan 20, 2017
By David Moreno

In this tutorial we will create a new widget for the Serverboards Dashboard.

Using Prometheus for Network Monitoring with Serverboards

Jan 13, 2017
By David Moreno

Serverboards have prometheus integration via the Prometheus Plugin. This blog post helps to configure Serverboards to be able to use Prometheus for graph visualization.

Last month in Serverboards - Dec 2016

Jan 2, 2017
By David Moreno

This is the first issue of Last Month in Serverboards.

Plugin tutorial: How to create a simple trigger

Sep 5, 2016
By David Moreno

In this tutorial we will develop a simple trigger plugin that checks if a given web page is accessible and returns an 200 OK code.

Message Oriented Middleware, Redux, Event Sourcing and CQRS at Serverboards

Apr 30, 2016
By David Moreno

At Serverboards we wanted from the very beginning to use the top engineering techniques.

Serverboards Stack

Apr 15, 2016
By David Moreno

Serverboards started as a Django application in its first incarnation, but after finding roadblocks a swift change of stack was required. In this blog post I will describe the current stack and rationale behind it.

Use third party tools

Apr 1, 2016
By David Moreno

In Serverboards we liked to create our own solutions to problems, they are the only solutions that fit perfectly. But time and money don’t allow to do it all, so we have to be pragmatic.

Welcome to the Serverboards Blog!

Mar 18, 2016
By David Moreno

Welcome to the Serverboards blog, where we will keep you updated on the development of Serverboards.