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Welcome to the Serverboards blog, where we will keep you updated on the development of Serverboards.

What is Serverboards

Serverboards is a platform for integrating, managing and monitoring your servers and services.

Simple as that. And we want to give it the focus of super extra simple to use and extensible to limits nobody can think of right now.

There are several solutions that solve some problems, as Prometheus or Nagios for monitoring and alerting, phpMyAdmin for managing MySQL databases, log analyzers, LDAP managers… but each of them reinvent some core parts, basically the common knowledge (users, permissions, servers, services…) and GUI.

Serverboards’ idea is to aggregate all this into an Open Source platform so there is no need to install a dozen several servers and configure each of them. And all this in a nice Web Based GUI so you have access from anywhere in the world.

Also integral to our vision are plugins, and easy management of them. So for example if you need a plugin that gives MySQL monitoring, it will be ready to just “activate” the plugin and start using it. With one click. Under the hood it will download, install, do some integration tests, and run it. But as a user you will never know.

Using these plugins you will be able to manage and monitor your AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, DNS servers, mail servers, users… Anything.

In our mind we have several use cases:

  • Too lazy/busy to set up existing solutions
  • Time saving using the GUI and automatic triggers
  • Integration of partial monitoring and alerting solutions into one platform
  • 24/7 monitoring

Can I use it now?

Not yet.

We are rewriting parts of it to fit perfectly our vision, but if you want to keep informed, subscribe to the RSS feed, our Twitter account, or even better, subscribe to our newsletter.