Last month in Serverboards - Dec 2016

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This is the first issue of Last Month in Serverboards.

We plan to publish a short list of new features last month implemented on Serverboards Core and surrounding projects as plugins and tools.

This is more than a simple git log, but a curation and explanation of the reationale of the biggest changes.

As this is the first issue it contains a little more than last month.

Serverboards Core changes


Issues overview

Serverboards got the most requested feature of an internal Issue tracker.

Currently is a very simple issue tracker, with just status, comments and tags. Over this functioallity we have a great design that will allow be able to assign, track and some other features.

Internally each Issue has a list of updates that can be of any kind, so UI can be extended without changing the backend. The backend may need modifications if the issue modify some state as the list of tags or the status.

Also implemented are slash commands, such as /tag, /untag, /close and /reopen.

Issue changes send a notification to all the users, but in the future it will be possible to subscribe to issues, and assign them.

Rule presets and actions have also been added to take advantage of this feature.

In app upgrade

In app upgrade

Serverboards now calls home to check the latest debian plublished, and if requested by the user, performs the upgrade process.

As it requires root in the installed system it uses sudo to add permission for just this feature. This way its easy disabled by the system administrator.

Also the plugin is marked as optional so it can be completely disabled.

Finally this change allowes plugins to add sections on the Settings overview with custom data.

Plugin deactivation, installation, upgrade and listing

Plugin install bar

Plugins can now be installed, deactivated and upgraded fron the app itself.

Before some internal knowledge was required to install and update plugins, and disabling was only possible removing them.

The UI allows easy installation from any git url the user has access, and disabling. If access to the code of the plugin via git requires SSH access, the Serverboards plugin key can be used and should just work.

Plugin active toggle

Disabled plugins can not be used from the disabling point onwards, but if they used some active component in use before it will continue running until next execution. There exists many cases in which the disabled plugin can cause minor problems if was already being used, but none should be surprising.

The upgrade plugin is used also to check if there are new version of any of the installed plugins using git. If any plugin can be updated there is a status label added and it can be updated.

Finally there is a list of known plugins at, with some instructions on how to install them. If you want your plugin to be listed, send us an email.

Many many bug fixes

There were many fixes and overall improvements all around, on backend and frontend.

Also improved the CI flow, so now its very easy to publish new deb versions.

Plugin changes

This month did not see many plugin changes, but overall all have been adapted to new APIs.

Other updates

Serverboards can now be downloaded in .deb format from the serverboards web page, ready to be used on a Ubuntu 16.04 installation. Please tell us your experience if you start using serverboards.