Last month in Serverboards - Jan 2017

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Recap of all latest development in Serverboards for January 2017. Main changes are Bug Fixes, Issues polishing and Quick Actions.

Quick Actions Editor

Serverboards Core Changes

Improvements on issues

Issues saw great improvements as it now can show the avatars of the users that create the Issues or make actions. This required some changes on how to manage user personal data, specifically the profile_avatar key is now readable by any logged in user.

Use of Issues is now possible via a related Serverboard, showing only the issues spscific to such serverboard, and adding issues from the serverboard creates this link as well. This feature is also used to give back links from issues to the rules that created them, related serverboards and possibly to related services to ease the issue closure.

There were small style changes to acomodate that Issues can have many diferent actions over them, as changing labels, related serverobard or service, and so on.

Issues per Serverboard

Cron components

There is a new component type, the cron type. In this components it is possible to set a crontab like expression to foce an recurrent action to launch at the specified time.

This is used on the [Expiration Widget] to update the expiration list every night, but can be used by any other plugin to, for example, poll for some state for rule activations.

This actions are programmed at the component level and as such are not manageable by the end users, only the plugin developers.

All services at command

Finally we load all services at startup and allow to use the command bar (activated pressing ESC key) to fast navigate to any service.

This is a huge boost in productivity as there is no need to first go to the serverboard, go to the services list and search for the action.

This required adding a new top level /services/ route that give direct access to any service, which in torun is used in some other places (Issues) so that there is always some way to go to a specific service.


There were fixes all around the plugins, and they were adapted to the API changes.

There are three new Plugins.

Quick Actions

Quick actions allow to predefine action values and present themselves as actions. This actions are accesible from the Quick Actions section on each Serverboard and as a Widget for the Dashboard.

Quick Actions is an optional core plugin and as such is provided with the Serverboards Core, but can be deactivated.

Quick Actions Widget

Expiration Widget

Expiration Widget checks every nigth for future expirations as DNS and SSL certificate expirations, showing them in a calendar at the Dashboard.

More expiration checks can be added via plugins. This is the first plugin that allows extensibility via more plugins.

Expiration Widget

Facebook Ad Insights

We added basic Facebook Ad Insigths monitoring, showing metrics evolutions well as aggregated data.

Facebook Ad Insights

To use it the user need to perform some steps, required by the Facebook APIs, as stering as a devleoper, and creating the marketing API and access tokens.

This is a first step for a more complex plugin, but it by itself allow to show, in a few lines, what Serverboards can offer.


Added documentation about the cron component, current permission list and initial API.

There are new posts about creating dashboard widget and how to use prometheus for monitoring at Serverboards.