Last month in Serverboards - February 2017

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Last month was a busy month on the Serverboards Internals and bugfixing. There were interesting new developments as the new Facebook Ads plugin, init services and started with the Internationalization support.

Many of the current developments are last minute changes to have a shiny 17.04 release, scheduled for Abril 2017. This means API stabilization, added required last minute component types and renaming terms which were due.

Serverboards Core Changes

Serverboards are now Projects

Previously it was possible to group services, rules and widgets in the dashboard into Serverboards. We decided that name to give more enphasis to the product name, and give it some real meaning in it. But as we used more and more the beta versions, and talked more into diferent features, we decided that we really meant projects, so we decided to make the name change.

This is also due that from early on we decided we want a simple to use product, with no new jargon for already known terms. We ditched formulas for rules, components for services and now serverboards for projects.

Serverboards as a product wants to be as easy to use as possible.

Updated all dependencies

We updated the dependencies to latest Elixir, Ecto, React.js, Semantic-UI and many more Elixir and JavaScript dependencies.

This allows to ensure longer time this version will last and eases future dependency updates, as previously used versions were not supported any more. This is also a necesary step to release the 17.04 release.


Serverboards into other languages, and right now it is available in English as default and optionally in Spanish, with other translations coming as requested.

It uses several mechanisms to get a .po file as used by all the gettext utilities and later use this translations into the frontend. The use of .po files was very important as there are many specialiced tools that allow manipulation and management of such files.

init services

There is a new type of component, the init services, that are commands started at the Serverboards initialization or plugin activation, and allow long running background actions to be performed. If they fail there is an exponential backoff restarting policy, and it can “sleep” consiously to be called after some time.

This init service is now used in the telegram plugin, for example, to have a polling call into the telegram bot, waiting for new messages.

Many small fixes

Most of the time was spent fising small fixes, as use of space for preset toggling at services, improved routes for rules, sorting diferent listings, and so on.


Facebook Ads

We added a new plugin for Facebook Ads support.

It shows very basic support for the default metrics, but its an important milestone for further development and integration for this feature.

With the current version is possible to check for a time period the like, link_click, comment and many other metrics into a graph.


There was some movement into the documentation area, adding the new init services, and starting the documentation of the API’s. In march there was a lot of more movement, adding documentation for previously uncommented RPC calls, and adding the Python API bindings. Also in march there is big last minute tune up of the APIs before the 17.04 release.

Stay tuned.