Serverboards 17.04 RC1

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We are proud to announce the release of the first Release Candidate for Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone.

This is the result of more than one year working on Serverboards, to get it to a completion level that we think clearly shows where we are headed, sets a stepping stone on the future of the project, and allows to have a fully useful and functional product.

What is Serverboards

Serverboards is an integration platform.

It allows users to connect the myriad of disperse services nowadays we need to be productive at our jobs. All the services we use are independant islands, with their own protocols and APIs and a lot of integration work is needed to make them talk each other.

Standarization is a pending task for the IT industry.

With Serverboards it is very easy to create the small puzzle pieces required to talk to the services, and to allow them to fit together.

If you are a developer check out developer documentation to start creating your own plugins.

Main Serverboards 17.04 Features

Real work is based over three main areas: Monitoring, Administration and Automation. All lying over the service definitions and plugin integrations. After a service has been configured it is available to this areas.

Some other support subsystems exist: projects, notifications, logging, issues…


Each project has a dashboard where one dashboard that can show any data from its known services.

There are plugins already for Prometheus integration, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Drive

And there are novel features as the Expirations plugin, that tracks future expirations on your services.

Serverboards can also use rules and triggers to perform automation on the monitored data.


Plugins can define custom adinistration screens that know how to manage your services. On top on Serverboards we believe in standarization, so we try to create generic solutions that can adapt for most cases.

For example, the SQL Console knows how to talk to both Postgres and MySQL databases (including MariaDB). And of course Cloud computing support is buitin, including SPICE remote desktop connections and SSH terminals.


Finally the data obtained for the monitoring, and from other sources, can be used to automate actions. Right now there are simple IF THIS THEN THAT rules, but even with this simple paradigm the posibilities are endless.

At Serverboards we have running monitoring for things as simple system monitoring with Prometheus, remote SSH command execution success, and if the backups are being properly performed. If something goes wrong issues and notifications are created as needed. And when the problem is resolved, the issues automatically closes.

Release Candidate

Our plan is to release this Release Candidate and fix all bugs that may appear as soon as possible, with a planned delivery date for Serverbords 17.04 Alcyone Final around 18th of April.

If you find any bug, please add it to the Github Issue Tracker, or contact us at

If it is a security related bug we beg to use a 90 days disclosure policy, to give us enough time between the private notification and bug report and public disclosure.

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