Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone Final

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Announcing Serverboards 17.04 Alcyone.

What is Serverboards

Serverboards is a centralized control panel to manage, monitor and automate your cloud apps.

With it you register the Cloud Apps or Services you use day to day, and create dashboards to monitor the state. From the service definition itself you can access management of each service as available, you can create automated rules to do some actions on some conditions, and you can see an overview of all your system in our Dashboard.

Having all your services centralized allow to create connections, for example so that if something changes in a service, an action is taken in another.

Main features


Serverboards can register all the information about your services, be it public information, or private access credentials. Depending on how much information you provide you can use different features.


Serverboards provides dashboards by project, so that you can monitor the status of your infrastructure in one sight.


Create rules to act over the monitored services, creating automatic responses on the very same services or others.

Create your rules, and relax.

Issue tracking

Create manually or automatically issues to keep track of the work that has to be done. Automatically for service status depedant issues, as web site is down, or manually just for task tracking.

It also includes automatic notification, using the channels you prefer, as email or telegram.

Plugin based system

Serverboards Core provides the orchestration between the different service plugins. Creating a new plugin is very simple. Follow our developer documentation and tutorials.

About this release

This is the fist public release of Serverboards and we are proud of it!

It took us a prototype, many experiments, a lot of real world internal usage, countless hours and more than two years to develop the current version.

During this time gathered intel about what are the most common and useful actions our user would want to use, and created a single package for it.

But there are many use cases we don’t know exist. Please, let us know how would you like to use Serverboards, and what it does not do for you yet.

We will release new versions of the stable software if we find and fix bugs related to this release. All new development will continue on an unstable branch. If you want to live the bleeding edge, check the documentation as we will provide a method to subscribe to nightly builds. You can also download the master branch from github.

There are some use manuals, and we will keep adding more at the documentation section.

If you find any bug, please notify it at the github issue tracker. There is an errata page that we will keep updated as find bugs and quirks.

The future: Serverboards 17.07 17.10 and more

We want Serverboards to be a fast adapting software, specially as it is so young. We plan to do stable releases every 3 months, and nightly build every day.

EDIT: Finally we decided to go for a 6 months cadence, so we have more time to develop new features, compared to preparing the release. So, next version will be 17.10.

There is a Roadmap available with what we would like to see into 17.07. We can not promise that everything will go in, but we will try. As the more important points is a redesing for the main interface that could not get into 17.04 and improved rules.

There is also longer term roadmap available.

There are also ideas, to be confirmed, to have the first Long Term Support slated for 18.04. That version will be supported for two years.

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