Last month in Serverboards

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Last month at Serverboards we were working a lot on the company development and businesses. A lot of internal work that will help us grow. To start with we have two job openings at /jobs/. We have now multiple dashboards and real time updates. And finally we continued work on the new Rules V2, and there is some code already working.


Multiple dashboards

A long awaited change arrived, and now we can have multiple dashboards per project. Finally it was not such a big change in code size, but it opens many new possibilities, as specializing dashboards for different tasks, inside the same project. By default it creates a Dashboard with the name monitoring, and new dashboards can be created.

There is still some work to do, as rename and delete Dashboards, but we plan to add a Dashboard Settings page, so it all should go there. Stay tuned.

Realtime updates and preset time filters

Another huge dashboard change is to have real time updates. There is now a toggle that allows to have real time update on the widgets that support it, and requests for changes every 30 seconds. It could be easily tuned in the future, but its a good default value.

Also some time period presets are added, as 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and so on. Before it was a bit cumbersome to set a range, when normally the same options are elected over and over.

It remembers selections at the localStorage, which means that a browser change “forgets” this defaults.

Small changes

There were many small changes:

  • Prettier graphs using proper colors
  • Issue indication fixes
  • Issue indication per project
  • Easy add projects from sidebar

Work in progress

Rules V2

The big rules change is in motion, and we already have about 30% of the work done: we have the new model, we migrate the old data to the new model, and we have very basic visualization.

Next steps is real rule execution, rule edition and creation using the new interface. And a lot of testing.

We are still tweaking the UI to get the best experience possible.

New “Add Anything”

We performed some UX tests with the new add anything ideas: When pressing the big add button it will ask what do you want to add, and guide you better thought the process allowing you to use presets or create from scratch almost anything: services, rules, monitorizations (widgets) and so on.

There are still some rough edges, but we plan to go to full development speed as soon as we finish the new rules.


We are finishing to setup and add content to the new forum. We also created a public chat room at

The old forum was using Disqus as backend, and we did not really liked how it works. It has nice things as a big community around on other subjects, but admin side it was very poor. We want greater control, and create many rooms and so on.

So we decided to use a self hosted Discourse. It also has some rough edges, but it is Open Source, has a great community around it, and allows full control on data and customizations.

The new forum is at

We still have to finish the setup (for example comments on blog posts should use the forum), and add more content (who wants to go to an empty restaurant), but from the very little use we could do, we like it. We would love a three panels view as Twist, but again its close source and has no public forum options AFAIK.

We also created a Serverboards room for real time chatting. It is thought for fast troubleshooting, fast questions and just hanging around. Join at

We are hiring!

We need a frontend developer and a businesses developer.

The frontend developer is for remote working, from your favorite beach or mountain, and needs to know about JavaScript, React, Webpack and so on.

For the businesses development side we need somebody in Madrid, to help us create the client strategy, and find and recruit new clients.

You can have more information a the jobs section