Serverboards 18.01 Betelgeuse. Wizard and GUI revamp, new rules and more!

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We are especially proud to announce Serverboards 18.01 Betelgeuse, our monitoring, management and automation platform. Many new features have been introduced to our new interface, to give a new experience based on our user tests conducted early last summer. You spoke clearly, and we listened carefully and improved functionalities, usability and user experience.

And now our solutions are available for all of you. You are invited to download now.

Easier to use than similar solutions

A wizard for ease of configuration and installation.

One-Click Plugin installation.

Two-panel GUI to make everything convenient.

New serverboards with two panel views

The interface has been redesigned and refurbished, not only to be cleaner and easier to navigate, but to be more helpful to you in your daily work. We focused on improving the header menu for ease of finding content related to your projects, adding new features like widgets, tools and services, and particularly the improved use of large screens, as we discovered that our users often work with one or two large-scale monitors. In view of this, we decided to use two content panels for most views.

And also, the feature most in demand by our users: a wizard to guide you when installing and configuring projects, plugins, widgets and services.

Creating complex rules is as easy as pie.

Ready-to-use templates for rules.

New rules view

This new version of Serverboards offers users an easy way to create powerful and complex rules for automating repetitive daily tasks, all managed from the GUI. Choose the trigger and then set up conditions and actions, with multiple branches and conditions to create the automation you really need, no matter how complex.

To do this, you will find a two-column panel which makes it easier to create, understand and set up your rules. In the left-hand panel, you will find a visual representation of the rule, and in the right-hand one you can set up each step.

For example, with rules, you can program an AWS virtual server to stop when your visitor traffic decreases to a minimum and no more than one machine is needed, so you can save money; there is no need for human intervention.

Prometheus: better integration and real-time graphs

Real-time graphs on your dashboards.

Multiple dashboards

This new version of Serverboards adds multiple dashboards per project, enabling easy organization of the areas that need monitoring. It also includes new widgets and offers improved integration with Prometheus.

With this new version, you do not need a previous Prometheus installation, as it offers a Serverboards managed instance of Prometheus. It automatically detects the external Prometheus nodes added to Serverboards, and can properly tag them by project and service. It also has a managed node exporter that can be added to any SSH server, and which can then export the CPU, memory, network and so on from this remote SSH server, using a secure channel.

The Prometheus Graph widget is enhanced with an autocomplete system that simplifies the exploration of metrics and tags.

VMs & Containers: AWS, LXD and LXC supported

SSH Terminal.

Improved Management
for the Cloud.

VM and container management

The virtual machine management available in version 17.04 has now been revamped into a new Virtual Machines and Containers screen. This allows everything to be presented in a single view, allowing access to configuration data and real-time information, and to SSH terminals and the SPICE remote desktop when possible.

It also adds a VMC API that allows the easy addition of new VM or Container managers, and options which can easily automate actions in these.