Empower your Shopify in real time with
extended insights beyond your current metrics

With Serverboards for Shopify you’ll extend your current metrics with powerful insights
by collecting data from multiple sources to help you grow your e-commerce platform.

Visualize in real time deeper insights for your Shopify

Serverboards for Shopify is the perfect companion for you to get deeper knowledge about your e-commerce and your customers by extending the insights you currently have from your Shopify site.

Shopify provides you great KPIs already; but with Serverboards, you will make better decisions by connecting more data sources to your dashboard.

Track in real time what your current visitors are watching

With the Shopify platform, you actually know how many users are visiting your e-shop; but with Serverboards, you will even know specifically:

  • what products your visitors are looking for,
  • how many visitors end up buying,
  • what products are most visited in real time,

    and much more.

  • Deeper insights from visiting sources

    One of the key benefits of Serverboards for Shopify is the ability to acquire further knowledge from your visiting sources which will give you a better understanding of which sources better work for you based on average sales and average order value, among other indicators.

    Real time customers buying products

    When you can track in real time your customers’ performance at your online store, you can better understand what products are better sold and move up and down prices in real time at the right moment to increase your sales.

    With Serverboards for Shopify, you can answer with confidence:

    • Which products are getting better sales right now? Which are worse?
    • How much does it cost to acquire new customers?
    • What is the percentage of users who enter a product regarding
      those who end up buying and those who do not?
    • What are the average sales made by channel?
    • How many sales were generated by newsletter campaigns?

      …and many more. Request a live demo today for more possibilities.