Any app (frontend/backend/plugin) may create new permissions, but here is a list of builtin ones. If possible reuse this ones.

All permissions should be read as “I can XXX”, for example “I can modify my own user”.


Perm Description
auth.list Access to users, groups and users in groups lists
auth.modify_self Modify my own user
auth.modify_any Modify any user
auth.create_user Create user
auth.create_token Creates an auth token
auth.info_any_user Can get info on any user
auth.modify_groups Creates/update/remove groups
auth.manage_groups Adds/removes users/permissions from groups

Temporary permissions:

Perm Description
auth.reset_password Given at the reset password action via email.


Perm Description
plugin Can start, stop and make calls into plugins. May have [plugin_id/cmd_id] Can access and modify plugin data. May have a [context]
plugin.install Can install new plugins into the system


Perm Description
http.port_to_websocket Allows to manage port to websocket mappings


Perm Description
project.create Add/remove project
project.update Modify project
project.delete Deletes project Gets all info from project


Perm Description
dashboard.create Creates new dashboards
dashboard.update Can update dashboard data
dashboard.delete Remove dashboard and all related widgets

Dashboard widgets

Perm Description
serverboard.widget.add Can add widgets
serverboard.widget.update Can update widgets


Perm Description
service.create Add/remove services
service.attach Attach/detach a service to an existing serverboard
service.update Modifies service configuration
service.delete Deletes services
service.get Gathers information about any service


Perm Description
event.emit Allow to emit events


Perm Description
action.trigger Can start triggers. May have trigger id. Can be notified when actions start/stop.


Perm Description
settings.view View settings. Specific sections may have more permissions. It may have a [context] for specific settings to see.
settings.update Update settings.
Perm Description
settings.user.view View current user settings. May have [context].
settings.user.update Update current user settings
settings.user.view_all View settings of all users (admin)
settings.user.update_all Update settings of all users (admin)


Perm Description
notifications.notify Can notify current user. Needed for notifications.notify_all
notifications.notify_all Can notify any user. Needs notifications.notify permission.
notifications.list List notifications for current user.


Perm Description
rules.create Can create rules
rules.update update rules
rules.view View rules
rules.delete Can delete rules
rules.trigger Allow to trigger manuall rules


Perm Description
issues.view Can view issues
issues.add Can add issues
issues.update Can add updates to issues


Perm Description
debug Debug when in debug mode
logs.view View system logs. May contain sensitive information.