Cron commands allow to call an action on a schedule. For example every night recalculate the expirations at the expiration wizard.

This is not a very common to use component, but solves the problem of no need to have a running active component just to wait for a moment.

Do not confuse this with the serverboards.cron plugin. The cron plugin is used to create rules that are run at this time, the cron components are defined at the manifest.yaml file.

The cron schedule uses UTC timing. The rationale is well explained at Why not to use local time.

Manifest component structure

- id: checker
  type: cron
  name: Update expirations at 2:11am UTC
  cron: 11 2 * * *
  action: serverboards.expiration/update
  params: {}
Field Description
type cron
cron cron expression. Due to yaml format it may need to use quotes. “* * * * *”
action Which action to run
params Parameters for the action.

Cron expressions

The cron expression format it uses is five fields each for:

  1. Minutes
  2. Hours
  3. Day of month
  4. Month
  5. Day of week

There is no provission for year, and the datetime is resolved in UTC time.