Notification channels

Notification channels is the way Serverboards separate between the fact that a message must be sent to the user and how to do it.

Developers can define channels that provide a common framework so that create new channels is just prepare which information you need from the user and then call with this information to a given RPC call in a command component.

Manifest YAML component definition

  - name: Notifications email address
    id: notifications_email
    type: notification
      - label: Email address
        placeholder: Leave empty to use main email address
        name: email
        validation: email
    command: serverboards.core/email
    call: send_email
Field Description
fields Fields to be filled by user of this communications as Generic Form Fields
command Component command to call
call method to call with the merge of the user data, configuration of the channel and subject, body and options as arguments. In implementation is better to expect for any parameters, but only use whats needed.

The params of the command are defined as they can be used to test the component.

In the given example if the email is not given it would use the caller user email.