Frequently Asked Questions

The project

Is this a commercial product?

Yes, it is. And it is also Open Source. Forever.

It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, which allows all the benefits you expect from a free software license, including comercial use and derivatives.

If it is Free Libre Open Source Software, how do you earn money?

By having paying customers.

If you are interested in comercial support for Serverboards, including SLAs, ad-hoc developments and integrations, installation and set up, and all other kinds of support, contact us.

Check out the pricing section.

Why Open Source?

We are firm believers on free software, as we have professionally grown using products as GNU/Linux, emacs, vi, gcc, clang, Apache, NGINX and so many others.

We really believe that Free Software is a transformative force that makes closed source obsolete.

Not only in the more conceptual way, but also as soon as it is released closed software is as is, with no possibility of change unless the original creator decides so. On the other hand, with free software you have the assurance that even if the original creator goes out of businesses, you still have access to the software, and it can continue to grow and evolve. In short every user of the program is the real owner and developer of the product.

Can I resell Serverboards?

You are free to resell Serverboards as per the Apache2 license, but we suggest you first contact us to know more about our partnership program.

If you decide not to, then you may not be able to use the Serverboards name nor logos.

Can I become a partner?


Contact us for more information on our partnership program.

If it is for informative pourposes about Serverboards, you have full permission.

If it is for other pourposes, contact us.

Specifically it is forbidden to use it in any kind of rebranding or repackaging if any substatial change is made to Serverboards, without our explicit permission. This is a trademark issue, as stated in point 6 of the Apache2 license.

For example, if there are packaging issues to be resolved to repackage Serverboards, there is no problem. If there is a new frontend over the backend, or an area is reworked, you need splicit trademark permission, or so not use in any way the Serverboards name.


How does Serverboards compare to [something else]?

Quite probably there is an overlap in features or scope.

For example with Yahoo Pipes and derivatives (IFTTT, Cloudpipes, Zappier, Stackstorm, and so on) we coincide in the rules department. Some of them have indeed much more complex pipelines (which we want to achieve), but they do not do any monitoring nor administration per se, only as possible rule results.

Others as New Relic, Prometheus, Monitis, Icinga, Nagios, Freeboard.. are specialized on monitoring itself, with also some automation, but no administration.

And finally in others as cPanel and such there is administration, with some monitoring and automation, but as side products.

Serverboards puts in the foremost position the services themselves, and once we can gather some intelligence about the service and act over it we provide the three pilars of Serverboards: Monitoring, Administration and Automation.

Also Serverboards does not plan to replace any, but to complement them. If they work for you fine, lets make Serverboards talk to your service so you can use what makes it great from Serverboards and empower it by providing access to all the other services Serverboards knows.

These extension via plugins is made by language independant programs so there is absolute freedom on integration possibilities.

And finally Serverboards is Open Source, which some of these service are, but not all, so you have some assurances as quality of code (as you can review it), that the project can be independant from the creator, independance of third parties if necessary (no SaaS), and so on.

Can I unify all my Service providers into Serverboards?


This is indeed the pain point we wanted to solve with Serverboards for ourselves.

Check the plugin store list of available plugins.

Is it just a service aggregator?

No. It is more. Having a central repository with the knowledge of your infrastructure, and how to use it, you can access all the data in one place.

On top of that we developed all the necessary bits so it is useful as a day to day time saver.

Isn’t is just easier to use [Service Provider] services?

It can be easier if all you use are [Service Provider] services. Once you start to mix several providers, there are few options to connect them.

Also your [Service Provider] doesn’t necessarily offer all the functionalities that Serverboards can offer, as it integrates many other providers and services.

Does it manage Virtual Machines? DNS? Storage? Users? LDAP? Databases?

Some. It manages VMs and has some database funcitonalities. All the other are still not done, but we have a long list of plugins that must be done.

My [Cloud Provider] is not supported.

Please tell us what provider you need to be supported and we will add it.

Also adding new providers is very easy. The average size for initial integrations is around 100 lines between the manifest and real code. And it can be done in any programming language.

Check our developer documentation

Not everything on [Service Provider] is supported.

We have limited workforce and try to maximize our efforts for impact, increasing specific support for features as we see fit.

If you think that a functionality really worths it, please tell us.

Is it safe to give Serverboards access to all my cloud accounts?

Yes. We use a strict authentication and authorization system so plugins and users have access only to the data they should.

Also we manually review each plugin that is available from our plugin repository.


Can I create my own integrations?


And we encourage you to do so.

There is extensive documentation at the developers section and several blog posts to help starting with the creation of new plugins.

Can you publish my plugin on the Serverboards Store?

Of course!

Send us the git link and we will add it to the store if it fulfill the quality requirements.

We make the promise of only accepting quality plugins, so our users can access the store with assurance that it will work as promised.

Can I shell my plugin?

We are working on setting up a paying plugins system. These would be high quality plugins that perform more that what would be expected from free ones.

If you are interested contact us so we can work together to have this functionallity available for everybody as soon as possible.

Can I use any license on my plugins?


The way the plugins are articulated are as independent running programs and data. This means there is no more runtime dependency than what the operating system provides, which provides the normal license allowance of the operating system, which is whatever you want for all OS. Interfaces have long been recognized in law as suitable boundaries of copyright claims.

The only element that the license must allow is to read the manifest.yaml file by any program, with a permissive license, if you want us to redistribute your work in the plugin store. This is necessary as we need to be clear that we can manipulate the data in that file for our internal processes.