Aggregate your service providers into one umbrella

We are not trying to solve the difficult problems that have already been solved.

Instead we build on the available tools and provide the integration to make it easier for you to do your day to day job.

Our plugin technology integrates third party services and creates added value as Serverboards itself can orchestrate between them.

Powerful secure plugin ecosystem

To provide most of the functionalities Serverboards has a plugin system that allows seamless use of new functionalities just where you need them.

Plugins access data using permissions based on predefined permissions, user permissions or server granted permissions, so that no plugin can try to do whats not allowed to. This is similar on how permissions work on Android, but adapted to a multi user, multi server environment.

All plugins in the plugin repository are manually reviewed, so there is a Quality Assurance on all of them.

You don’t even need to anticipate the need of such functionality as in most places where a plugin that is not installed can be used there is an option to use it performing the full installation and setup in the background.

Developed in Elixir for the Erlang Virtual Machine

This means incredible scalability and stability. The system will never go down and its able to scale horizontally to as many nodes as you need.

The Actor Model and Functional programming ensures that if some part of the code has a bug, this does not affect the rest of the system, and it will recover from most bugs.

Command line tools, SSL communications, web hooks.

At serverboards we know some people also want to use command line tools, and create custom tools that interact with serverboards.

So we provide most common access methods, so you can automate Serverboards in ways we did not anticipate.