Serverboards 18.10


This version will center on removing all features that can be better done with more generic constructs, and non really used features.

Also simplifies the interface.


  • 2 factor authentication
  • Deprecate notifications settings as specific settings; use user settings.
  • Remove plugin calls as UUID.method. Use only
  • Remove all specific plugin component catalogs. Use generic one only.
  • Remove cron component type
  • Remove init component type
  • Do not send fields at service.get
  • Use s10s for plugin update, check latest version and system update.
  • Move to optional plugins:
  • SSH
  • Longer login times / configurable


  • Allow per user/project access
  • Simplify set user data at UI
  • Simplify User Interface
  • Use semantic ui react, remove all semantic old js use
  • Do not use plotly graphs, but custom.


  • Improved range selector
  • Data selector, for example region and so on, per dashboard
  • Basic configuration:
    • whether to have time period
    • default time period

You can leave your comments on this roadmap cycle at the 18.10 roadmap page.

Serverboards 19.04 onwards


  • Partial list load


  • Service unification per entity, not function

MOM (low pri)

  • Refactor MOM, use less processes
  • Use task pools
  • Improve performance

Previous roadmaps.