s10s Command Line Interface

Serverboards comes with a command line interface to manage at the server terminal some elements.

Using the UI is the recommended method for all system management, but sometimes that’s not possible for technical reasons.

It is always possibel to execute s10s without any command to receive help.



Performs a backup of the current system into the provided directory.

Check s10s restore to restore backups.


Executes a comman dline interface ino serverboards that allows to easy do RPC calls, as an interface.

This can be used to automate some tasks, and plugin and code debugging.


i18n update

Updates the .po files for translation

i18n compile

Compiles the .po files into .json as needed for translations.


Updates, chacks version, installs and removes plugins.

Can receive a --format=json to output json format data, instead of user readable.

It takes care of executing the postinstall and setting the proper data.

plugin list

Lists all installed plugins and current known up to date status.

plugin check

Checks up to date status of all installed plugins

plugin install

Installs a plugin from a git url.

plugin remove <path|plugin_id>

Removes the plugin given the installed path or the plugin id. This allows to remove ill behaving plugins.

plugin update [path|plugin_id]

Updates all updatable plugins, or only the indicated one, by path or id.


Allows to partially or fully restore from a backup. USe with care as it will overwrite current data.


Updates all serverboards. Only works for properly package installed installations as it does an apt update and apt install serverboards.

Special care is taken for some corner cases to be used inside serverboards itself.


Basic user management.

Many of these actions do not affect to currently logged users, but only to future new logins, including passwordless (keep logged in) sessions.

user list

List all users

user details

Full details of a specific user.

user create

Create a new user

user enable

Enables a previously disabled user

user disable

Disables an user

user recover

Sends the recover password email to a given user

user passwd

Forcibly change an user password. Use with care but may be needed on new installations.

user disable

Disables an user.

user add to

Adds a user to a given group.

user remove from

Removes an user from a group.