Welcome to the Serverboards 18.10 Users Manual

Serverboards is a Services Integration Platform. In it you can monitor, manage, use and make other services communicate.

The most common use case is for Dashboarding. It connects to the sources of information as Google Analytics, Excel Spreadsheets, JSON API REST endpoints, and databases to gather the data to be shown at our Dashboards.

But it also monitors the services for just “service is down” to complex situations, and then creates issues and sned notifications to the interested users.

Finally developers create screens that allow easy use of external services, just focusing on specific uses. Examples of screens is the ExoSQL Notebook that allows explore the data on the connected services, the Secret manager, or the SSH terminal.

Access to all sections is via the sidebar which is accessed via the three lines button on the top left corner. Normally the sidebar is expanded, but in some situations as using the dashboard it may be prefered to have it collapsed.


  1. Install and Setup
  2. First Project
  3. Dashboards
  4. Services
  5. Rules
  6. Issues
  7. Notifications
  8. User Settings
  9. Settings
  10. Future roadmap
  11. Tips and Tricks

If you are also interested in developing plugins and screens for Serverboards, there is also a comprehensive developers documentation