Dashboards to Visualize your Business KPIs in Real Time

We have built the perfect Office Dashboards for you so that you can visualize in real time all the crucial KPIs necessary to empower your business. First, we define with you the KPIs you want to visualize. Then we connect all your data sources to define the best formulas and graphs necessary to present your KPIs in the most easy-to-understand dashboard for you or the departments in your company.

Dashboards for Business Intelligence

This is how it works…

Defining KPIs

We sit down with you to understand your company or product, in order to analyze which KPIs your company truly needs. Then we search for the data sources required and create the formulas necessary to connect data in order to obtain crucial insight for your KPIs.

Connecting Data Sources

Serverboards is different from other solutions in that it permits you to connect almost every type of source you own, including IT infrastructure. This means we are capable of going further by providing business knowledge from data you didn’t even know was available for your company.

Building Dashboards

Side by side with you, we design and build the perfect dashboards for your company and find the best way to present vital data for your defined KPIs. We study which data need to be shown and which graphs are the easiest to understand.

Dashboards by departments

Every department of a company has their own milestones and objectives, and their KPIs are often very different from one another. We analyze the needs of each department and build them their very own dashboard, to suit every working aspect of your company.

KPI Alerts

Serverboards is a ready-made platform, not just for visualizing your business data and KPIs, but for setting up related alerts for your KPIs when something happens, so you can take action and make the right decision as soon as you are alerted. Our Office Dashboards works entirely in real time.

Data Management

Although we connect your data for Office Dashboards, it is always your own. With Serverboards Enterprise, you control and manage all your data, and only you and your teammates are able to view your crucial business data, with no exceptions.

Invest in your clients, not in software licences

Request a custom live demo and we will show you why Serverboards is your best ally.

Some KPIs that can be visualized:

  • Which products are bought most often right now from my shop?
  • How much does it cost to acquire new customers?
  • How many of today’s customers have previously bought products from my shop?
  • Which keywords work best for my SEO strategy?
  • Which countries represent the highest income for my business?
  • Which customers have spent most this month?

    And many more...Request a live demo today for more possibilities.