Empower Prometheus with Serverboards

Empower Prometheus with Serverboards to create
Dashboards beyond your Servers and VMs

Serverboards comes with an easy-to-install Prometheus plugin so installing and managing Prometheus is easier
than ever. In addition, Prometheus can be integrated with metrics and data from other services.

Connect your Prometheus metrics with other services using SQL queries

Serverboards can be used with both PromQL and SQL. Using SQL, you can exploit the relationships between your services with Prometheus metrics.

Both languages are very powerful, and are designed to filter, connect and select data. With Serverboards, you can obtain the best of both worlds from a single platform.

Easily add new graphs with live editing and autocomplete for PromQL expressions

With Serverboards, you can check your graph online as you edit your expression. Serverboards can also assist you to create expressions as you type, thanks to our autocomplete feature.

Get Prometheus running in only three steps after installing Serverboards

1. Install Prometheus Plugin for free

After installing Serverboards, go to Settings/Plugins/Marketplace and click on Install Prometheus.

2. Set up Access

With Prometheus for Serverboards, you can use your own Prometheus installation or let Serverboards take care of it.

Go to Your Project Services and add a Prometheus Service. Then add the Prometheus targets or a service to install a Node Exporter into an SSH-connected service.

3. Add your graphs

Using the dashboard, add Prometheus widgets. You can then edit the PromQL expression.

With Serverboards 18.04, you can use any widget that allows SQL expressions with the Prometheus Data Extractor.

Why use Prometheus for Serverboards?

  • Prometheus for Serverboards is as easy as installing a plugin.
  • Prometheus Plugin is completely free.
  • When you add a new server on Serverboards, this is automatically
    added for monitoring by Prometheus.
  • Mixed SQL and PromQL expressions can be used to gather data.