Server Monitoring and Management Dashboards

With Serverboards, you can monitor and control your entire IT environment. Easily monitor your server performance in real time, manage your virtual machines and automate the most common infrastructure issues.

dashboards to monitor IT infrastructure
Dashboards for Business Intelligence

What can you do with Serverboards…


Monitoring, Management and Rules

Monitor your server or many servers for faster troubleshooting, and manage them directly from a single dashboard. Serverboards integrates alerting and allows you to automate repetitive tasks in a straightforward way.



Manage your containers with directly integrated Quick Actions for faster performance for the most common container issues. Connect with Docker, LXC, LXD and others.

Virtual Machines

Management and Rules

Simplified VM management for Libvirt, Digital Ocean and AWS from anywhere and at any time through a web browser. Serverboards comes with an embedded SSH console and SPICE. Easily stop, restart and perform common actions with just one click.


Monitoring, Management and Rules

Protect your crucial business data and monitor the health of your database and any changes from a simple dashboard. Use data visualization options with Serverboard’s plugins to gain a deeper insight into business-related data you might not even have known was there.


Monitoring, Management and Rules

It’s vital for your company that end users can interact with your website or web application in the way they expect. Serverboards gives you the ability to monitor the function of a website or server and observe how it responds, alerting you to correct issues faster. In addition, with Serverboards you will have the tools to prevent downtime and minimize effects before they happen, easily automating workflows and tasks with our presets.

Cloud Apps

Monitoring and Rules

Monitor and visualize the connections between your websites, apps and infrastructure, with the advantage of creating interactions between them to get them work together in ways you hadn’t imagined. If something happens, you can access the trace in our in-built logging solution and identify what caused the error.

Invest in your clients, not in software licences.

Request a custom live demo and we will show you why Serverboards is your best ally.

Reasons to use Serverboards:

  • Serverboards is an Open Source solution that can save you money on
    expensive licenses, so that you can invest in your clients rather than
    in software. This includes not only Serverboards but also the services
    required to operate it, such as Linux, Postgres, Maria DB, Prometheus,
    MySQL, Python, PHP, Spice Remote Control, SSH etc..
  • Serverboard setup and configuration is as easy as installing Wordpress,
    and takes no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Built-in procedures based on microservices can prevent cascading
    issues from affecting your system or work.
  • Management tools are integrated, enabling you to carry out actions
    on your infrastructure and data in faster and more efficient ways.