Break from your data silos and integrate all services into one platform.

Visualize your crucial data in real time, so you can make the right decisions faster.

Manage your infrastructure from a single platform.

Create apps that have access to your data. Serverboards takes care of connecting to your services, security and performance. You take care of your business logic.

Dashboards for IT Infrastructure

Serverboards for IT

Serverboards’ Dashboards is a centralized monitoring system to allow your company have a clear view of the whole picture of your infrastructure providing monitor capabilities to gather data from servers, virtual machines, containers and much more.

Dashboards for Business KPIs

Serverboards for Data Analytics

With Serverboards' Dashboards you can see the whole overview of your company in real time, from your most vital Sales KPIs to your e-Commerce insights beyond your current analytics.


Dashboards for IT monitoring with automated workflows

Get intelligence on the IT infrastructure of your company. No technical skills required! Visualize the status and performance of your servers, databases, websites, cloud apps and more—then let your IT staff troubleshoot faster by using the ready-made alert templates.

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Dashboards to visualize real-time KPIs

Steer your company using the business intelligence provided from multiple data sources. We bring together all your important data and create the means for you to visualize in real-time how your business is faring.

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Dashboards ready for e-commerce

Extend your e-commerce with Serverboards, with more easy-to-understand and powerful insights from our data integration plugins, which combine multiple data sources in a straightforward way. You’ll gain an understanding of your sales, which traffic sources work best for you, which of your products are more popular and which prices are most likely to engage.

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Welcome to the Community

Serverboards is an Open Source project, and is open to anyone, companies or individuals, to collaborate and grow the platform.

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Documentation for developers

If you are a developer and would like to make some extra cash, you can build plugins and sell them in our Marketplace.

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